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wood cook stoves canada

Wood Cook Stoves Canada

See our wide selection of new & used Canadian wood burning cook stoves and more. Many styles to choose from including modern and contemporary. Thank you for supporting local business in Ontario. Wood Cook Stoves Canada! 

We are an authorized dealer of high-efficiency, zero-clearance, low emission, 2020 EPA certified wood burning stoves / heaters / freestanding wood stoves, fireplaces and fireplace inserts. We also carry parts for various wood cook stoves and wood burning heaters.

We also have some fully restored antique and used wood cook stoves and heaters for sale in our showroom. More than just a great heat source for your home, wood cook stoves can also be delightful for cooking and baking.

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Wood Burning Products

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Trust Us

Trust our nearly 30 years of actual hands on real world experience when it comes to buying a wood stove from us. Also, loads of happy clients over the years can’t be wrong. See our customer reviews & testimonials. We encourage you to phone or email us for our best answers to each individual’s unique needs and requirements. Learn more about our wide selection of new & used Canadian wood stoves today!

Wood Burning Products

View our wide selection of new & used wood stoves, wood cook stoves, and other wood burning products below.

Did You Know?

We also have various new & used wood burning heaters / products for sale such as; fireplaces, fireplace inserts, freestanding wood stoves and even some antique & used wood stoves of various sizes. Feel free to ask us about our selection of small wood stoves for sale and high efficiency pacific energy wood stoves. Are you wondering if we have wood stove parts for sale? YES! We have some of those too! Thank you for supporting local business in Ontario, Canada. We have been passionate about new & used Canadian wood cook stoves for more than 30 years!

People often ask questions such as; What is the best wood stove in Canada? Who makes the best wood stove? Are wood burning stoves worth it? Are wood stoves legal in Ontario? What is the best wood stove on the market? Can you heat with a wood cook stove? How does a wood cook stove work? For our best answers to your questions based on your individual needs and requirements, we encourage you to phone or email us and provide us with as much information as possible so that we can assist you with determining which wood burning product or service that we offer is right for you.

Authorized Dealer

We are an authorized dealer for the following new wood stoves and fireplace manufacturers below.

wood cook stoves canada
wood cook stoves canada
wood cook stoves canada

29 Years Experience

In business since 1992 in Durham, Ontario Canada. We are an authorized dealer of new & used wood burning products and parts for wood cook stoves, fireplace inserts, and various small to large sized freestanding heaters.

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wood cook stoves canada