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Restoration of woodstoves in Grey Bruce

We are one of the largest stove restoration businesses in North America. Some of the stoves we have can be restored and others are just for parts.

If you have a stove that you would like restored, it would be a good idea to come and see our work and either bring your stove with you or arrange for it to be brought to us. You can also send us good quality photos as jpg images via email. We do not charge for an estimate if you bring your stove to our shop or when sending us photos.

We have parts in stock for most of the popular models, including: Findlay Oval, Findlay Meteor, Findlay Condor, Enterprise, Princess Pat, Renfrew Cookrite, Elmira, Heartland and others. We always do our best to locate parts needed for restoration, but because of the large numbers of woodstove models that were manufactured, we can not always guarantee original pieces are available. Replacement parts can be custom made in our shop as required.

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc.An older woodstove cannot be certified but can be installed to code preferably by someone that is WETT certified. Click here to view a ULC approved wall shield that reduces clearances by 84%.

Restoration Services
  • Complete Restoration
  • Renickleing & Painting
  • Sandblasting & Welding
  • Custom Work to enlarge firebox for longer burning fires
  • Stoves are made more efficient
  • Pyro Ceramic Glass, and gaskets & Mica Replacement
  • Custom Ceramic Tiles for Cookstoves
  • ULC approved Heat Shields that reduce clearances by 84% available


Before & After photos

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